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We speak both Your language and the IT-language! Have You ever encountered that You donít understand the IT-people? Have You ever felt that the IT-people donít understand what You say to them? Or have You at delivery, too late understood, that the IT-people donít have listened to You?
IT is a pre-requisite for Your business, but IT is not important as an isolated stand-alone thing by itself! IT shall support Your business!
Standitt supports You and Your business-processes towards the IT-people!
Monthly newsletter
Published 28 oktober 2011
Since 2003 TT has delivered monthly newsletter about SAP for businesspeople in Swedish. The letters and the articles are always written for the business-people to understand the real usage of SAP and IT. Standitt lectures also about enterprise systems at Universities and to Swedish Authorities. Here are the monthly English comments from Standitt.
Do You want to know more about Standitt? Do You want to come in contact with somebody, who is standing on Your side?! We be happy to answer all Your questions, and tell You more about how we can stand by You and support You!
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